Q. What's Whisper Silent, 100% Unlicensed and More Deadly Than a .357 Magnum at Close Range… A. The 80lb. Stealth Tacbow

Finally, Discover The Quiet Knock Down Force This Perfected 3000 Year Old Game Of Thrones Weapon

Watch And I'll Show You EXACTLY How Much Damage This Thing Can Do!
They're working harder than ever to destroy our gun rights, but this is the ONE thing they haven't even accounted for… yet…
Best of all, this lifesaving hunting and survival tool is strong enough to take down ANY small game with ease, it's ultra-lightweight, so it won't bog you down, and Whisper-Quiet so you'll never be forced to give away your position… ever.

Dear Friend,


I need to make one thing clear, I love my firearms… but they do have one massive flaw…


They are INCREDIBLY loud, and, in any situation where you need to be silent and discreet, will INSTANTLY destroy your OPSEC…


And in a survival scenario, your ability to remain hidden could be the difference between life and death…


If you're like me, you like to keep your options open…


I'll keep my firearm at my side, ready as always… but I need something a little more stealthy too…


This is a tool that has remained largely unchanged for nearly 3000 years, and for good reason too!


In the right hands, it could save your life… In more ways than one.


Look, like I said, I'll keep my firearms, and use them without hesitation if needed.


But bullets are LOUD, expensive (and getting more so every day), and more importantly… THEY RUN OUT!


If I'm in a survival situation, I want something that will take out small game without scaring off my next possible meal or take out an attacker without giving him the chance to even see where I am, and its ammunition can be reused…


Can your gun do that?

And That Brings Me To The Point Of This Letter…
My Name Is Lee Franklin. I'm the Chief Editor of Survivallife.com and author of the top-selling book “How to Build the Ultimate Every Day Carry Kit”

Now, if you're like me, you've probably gone through every scenario in your head you can possibly think of to make sure that you are completely prepared for ANYTHING…


I've stocked up on ammunition any time I could find a deal on it (which is becoming few and far between – thank you, Obama)


But I want to let you in on a little secret. None of that matters…


Contrary to popular belief, ammunition DOES have a shelf life and even worse… IT RUNS OUT.


Let's face it, when TSHTF you won't be able to run down to the local firing range or Wal-Mart and pick up a few hundred more rounds…


Hell, you can BARELY do that NOW!


And in any crisis, the moment you fire off a few rounds, regardless of if it is to put food on your family's plate or defend your home, you immediately become a target.


They know that you have ammo. They know you have a gun. And they KNOW you have something worth defending. And before long they're going to come for it.


You have better things to use your ammo for… why take the risk, and why waste ammo when you don't have to?


I did a ton of research… and it all led me to this…

I spent MONTHS going to different shows and events, spoke with dozens of manufacturers, and tested 15 different models…


And this was by far the best.


It packed the punch I needed, loaded quickly and easily EVERY time, and was so quiet you could barely even hear it.


But I wanted to get a second opinion on it.


I sent out this pistol crossbow to my closest friends and most respected colleagues and I asked them take it out, test it, use it, and abuse it.


And let me know what they think.


These are people I trust.


Some of the top names in the survival field, and I don't take what they say lightly.


They were ALL impressed with the power and ease of use of this crossbow.


So, with their blessing, I spent the next few months researching and negotiating with manufacturers and suppliers all over the US to make sure that I found the absolute best value that doesn't compromise the quality.


And what came out of all of that work is something beyond anything my imagination could have ever dreamed of…

The Stealth TacBow

The Stealth TacBow is a specially engineered crossbow that I have personally researched, tested, carried, and used on a daily basis for the past year.


I wanted to make double sure that this crossbow was everything I dreamed it would be before I ever showed it to you.


The Stealth TacBow is made of high quality, impact resistant ABS plastic. It's lightweight, rust proof, ultra-durable, and incredibly powerful.


Not only can you use it to put food on your table in a crisis, but it can quickly and stealthily stop an attacker dead in his tracks.

This Is The Silent Hunting Tool I Personally Carry.

But just how good is this crossbow??


The short answer… VERY!

The Deadliest Weapon On Earth?

Look, crossbows are not a new invention. They've been in use for THOUSANDS of years, and for good reason.


Both the Chinese and Roman armies used these amazing innovations to utterly decimate and destroy their enemies.


They were an incredible innovation and a testament to our ability to constantly improve on our tools and weapons of warfare.


Now granted, we've come a long way since the bow and arrow. Ammunition moves at thousands of feet per second instead of hundreds and there is no doubt that the knockdown power of a rifle is incredible… but they are not without their drawbacks.


Ammo has a shelf life and bullets run out. Each bullet is a single-serve projectile.


NONE of those things will be something to bank the safety and security of your family on in a crisis.


When TSHTF, bullet manufacturers will be gone, and even if you have the skill and knowledge to reload your own ammunition… good luck finding the raw materials to do it.


Again, I'm not saying you shouldn't own a firearm. Hell, I encourage you to get one or several and take all the proper training courses to use it efficiently and effectively.


But don't put all of your eggs in one basket!


Remember, in a survival situation two is one and one is none.


Adding a crossbow to your supplies allows you to create a 100% foolproof plan!


It will allow you to put food on your family's plate and defend your home if needed.


It's perfect for you to take out the small game you need to supplement your food stockpile and, in a pinch, be used as a defensive device.


All while remaining practically silent!


There is One Huge Problem that I've found with crossbows…


Unfortunately all of the ones I could find and test were either absolutely worthless or WAY out of my price range… but I wouldn't let that stop me.


After months of research hundreds of hours of phone calls, and quite a few heated debates, I finally found THE ONE.

The Stealth TacBow is the perfect combination of stealth, strength, and accuracy.


With an 80lb draw weight and the easy load self-cocking mechanism its cocked, locked, and ready to go in as easy as…




I've spent the last nine months working with the manufacturer to ensure that the silent hunter was something I would be proud of and something I could use in a real world scenario…



That it is something that others would be proud to carry as well.

These Crossbows Are Deadly Accurate, Incredibly Strong, And Pack A Real Punch!

These crossbows are deadly accurate, incredibly strong, and pack a real punch!


And honestly, that's where the problem starts…


Due to strict quality standards and an incredible increase in demand, these crossbows are exceptionally hard to come by. It takes months of painstaking work to inspect each one to ensure that the quality I expect out of them.


The good news is, I have managed to strike an exclusive deal with the manufacturer and get my hands on a small number of these incredible crossbows, and NOW is your chance to grab one before they're gone!

$99.99 $29.95 Plus FREE Shipping!

Now, this crossbow could easily sell at one of the big box retail stores for $99.99 or more… and it's worth every penny at that price!


But honestly I thought we could do better.


Sure, I could charge an arm and a leg for it… but that's not my goal and frankly I just wouldn't feel good about it.


I want EVERYONE to have one of these crossbows, because I believe that NO ONE should EVER be left defenseless, and a good hunting tool shouldn't put you in the poor house.


No, I don't want finances to get in the way… It's just not right.


It is your right and it is your responsibility to be able to survive no matter what and no matter where you are!


You see, I've made an exclusive deal with the manufacturer and got my hands on a few these amazing tools, just for our community.


And right now, you can grab your very own “Stealth TacBow,” that will be at your side and ready without fail, for only $29.95.


I'll even pay the shipping!


But you absolutely need to act now, I only have 97 of these and they WILL NOT last long.

Now that's an amazing offer and frankly I'm losing out on this… (These things are incredibly expensive to ship… but remember, you don't have worry about that.)


But, I know that you want to do everything in your power to ensure your safety and the security of your family, and I want to help you in any way possible.


I'm willing to sacrifice that much for you.


I can only do so much… it's up to you to act now.


It's up to you to make the right choice.


Don't let me down.


And remember, we're all in this together.

No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I am so sure that you will love the Stealth TacBow, that I am personally backing it up with a 100% money back guarantee.


In other words, if for any reason (or no reason at all) you don't think this amazing 80lb self-cocking pistol crossbow is worth every penny, just let me know and I'll give you a prompt and courteous full refund. Even if you just don't like the way it feels in your hand. No Questions Asked.

Yes! Send Me My Stealth Tacbow Now Plus FREE Shipping!

Your final rock bottom customer appreciation price for everything on this page is just, $29.95!


YES! To get the Stealth TacBow for just $29.95, simply click on the Orange Button NOW

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The bottom line is, with the way society is buted, getting a Stealth TacBow is one of the smartest ways to make sure that you are never caught unprepared, no matter where you live or what you do for a living.


I have had the privilege of helping thousands become more prepared throughout the last few years and I would be ecstatic to be able to help you too…


This is your last chance…

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