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We know better than anyone, that only a certain kind of survivalist appreciates a high-quality tactical knife.


If you're in the military, are a veteran, perhaps special ops, or in law enforcement — you're the kind of survivalist who knows what it's like to put it all out on the line, take care of the nastiest chores, and do whatever it takes as long as you're equipped with the best gear.


I'm Lee Franklin, Chairman of the Family Protection Association. One of my obsessions at Survival Life is to research the latest advances in tactical gear, test them heavily, and share my top finds with our readers. It's challenging because my readers are like you — elite warriors, fellow gear enthusiasts, and military men who appreciate the difference between quality gear and cheap knock-offs.


This new fixed blade from Hoffman Richter™, the number 1 trusted brand in tactical gear, is a beauty.

The Talon By Hoffman Richter™ Is Unbreakable, Unforgiving And Undeniably Intimidating

I'll admit it… I fell in love with this Limited Edition fixed blade knife as soon as I pulled this baby out of its sheath. It felt right — substantial and hefty… despite being a sleek looking combat weapon.


The stainless steel blade is thicker than the second-tier tactical blades. It has just the right width for high-end combat without being too bulky.

It has added bulk where it counts to make it full-bodied and powerful, but still sleek and swift. The blade has a thick belly that gives you extra attack power, no matter which angle you're striking at.


This means the Talon is the ideal knife for tactical defense and survival. Use it for defense when you're under attack, or keep it as a handy sidekick when you’re in the great outdoors.


The top-heavy design, unique geometry and Tanto blade make this perfect for slicing, thrusting and chopping.

And like all Hoffman Richter™ products, There Isn't A Single Ounce Of Plastic Or Polymer Materials On This Knife

Plus, The Talon is coated with a black-finish Titanium (not Teflon, like those cheap fixed blades), for smooth cutting and easy extraction.


The full tang Tanto blade, inspired by the great Japanese sword-makers, is designed for bone-piercing strength in combat. The exposed pommel and lanyard hole are ideal for breaking glass, and blunt-force impact.


The unique finger notch grip fits any hand perfectly and is secured (the right way) with aircraft-grade Torx bolts for optimal reliability.


What truly sets this blade apart from the competition is the paracord lashing system.

Just thread paracord through the openings in the blade, handle and pommel, attach it to a pole or branch, and just like that: you've got a devastatingly effective spear! Which is perfect when you want to put a little distance between you and an attacker, and a gun might not be an option.


The no-slip notch in the blade ensures that your paracord holds strong and secure.
Spears are often overlooked as survival weapons, but they're smart options to keep in your inventory. When you have a spear, you can use it:


As a hunting weapon

As a defense weapon to keep aggressive animals at a safe distance

To gather fruits from high above you

As a fishing tool

The Talon was engineered for optimal balance and power thrusting… which makes it the perfect companion for all of your quality tactical gear.


Plus, as a bonus, it comes with both an ambidextrous, durable, custom-fitted, all-weather kydex sheath as well as a low-profile ballistic nylon sheath.

Add it all up and you will quickly discover the Talon is perhaps the most durable, reliable, rugged tactical knife on the market today.


It's made for combat but ready to handle the extremes that life has to throw at you. I guarantee you, this knife can take anything you can throw at it… not to mention, it looks like a BEAST.


Here's my checklist for picking the Talon over other knives…

Blade Length. When we're talking about close range combat, drawing a fixed blade knife is always faster than a folder. A fixed blade isn't limited in length or thickness. Ideally, your combat knife blade should be no less than 3" and no more than 6." This allows you to balance concealment with functionality. Any smaller and it won't put enough distance or give you enough of a cutting area against an attacker. Any bigger than 6" and it gets hard to conceal the blade and makes it too bulky to wield.

Tang Type. Always, always always, must be a full tang where the blade extends all the way to the base of the handle in order for me to even consider buying it. Full tang blades provide ideal balance, strength and leverage. Cheaper knives connected at the handle can break off no matter how well they're fastened and glued.

The Steel. What is the blade made of? Stainless steel comes in all kinds of grades. I don't consider any knives that are below the 440 grade.

The Blade Type. I prefer my tactical gear to be American Tanto blades for deeper penetration. Based on the design used by master Japanese sword-makers, the American Tanto blade is known for its bone-piercing strength, formidable stabbing power, and sturdy leverage, making it an excellent all-purpose survival and utility knife.

Blade Thickness. For quality knives, I'm looking for at least 3/16" in thickness. A thicker blade means more muscle, more utility, and far better reliability.

The Grip. It's got to be sticky, grooved or notched for the perfect fit.

Here's how the Talon stands against my strict criteria:

Hoffman Richter Talon
Blade Length
5 1/2″
Tang Type
Extended Full Tang
The Steel
440 Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness
The Grip
Finger notches

Hoffman Richter™ Does It Again With Their Limited Edition Talon

The Limited Edition Hoffman Richter™ Talon is so sharp I can actually shave my hair with it!
WARNING: Please do NOT try this at home

Everyone, including me, uses the phrase “razor-sharp” to describe a great blade. But I owe it to my readers to be truthful and accurate, so I decided to put The Hoffman Richter™ Talon to the test and shave my face with it.


When I say its razor sharp – I mean it!

Excellence Equals Value

The 19th Century philosopher John Ruskin said, “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” His words still have meaning today, especially for people like you who demand the best in their survival and tactical gear.


Here's all the feature-packed details you get with the Hoffman Richter™ Talon:

Limited Edition, collectible knife, made with Hoffman Richter'™s legendary precision craftsmanship

Full tang, fixed blade for balance and power: So that you can take on every job a knife should... and even ones they shouldn't (like chopping and prying) without fear of the breaking your blade and ending up with a useless (and very sharp) paperweight.

High-grade 440C stainless steel maintains the perfect balance of edge retention and ease of sharpening, so you won't need to worry about struggling with a dull and dangerous knife out in the field.

Solid 3/16" inch thick blade is Virtually indestructible: Titanium Coated blade gives added durability and rust resistance so it will last a lifetime of use and abuse!

American Tanto blade: This is the ultimate in defensive blades. The tanto tip design is perfect when penetration is key. Carry this knife with you so that you fear no man.

Beveled metal "no-slip" grip so you never need to worry about losing your grasp on this incredibly sharp blade even in the pouring rain or during close-range combat.

Comes with a specially fitted, ultra-durable, ambidextrous Kydex sheath that is equally at home strapped to your hip or on your gear.

Bonus: 1680D Ballistic Nylon Belt Sheath so that you can carry your Talon with you, especially when concealment is key.

ZERO PLASTIC Components to become brittle, break down, or wear out so you'll never need to worry about your knife failing or falling apart!

Made by Hoffman Richter™, the most trusted name in tactical knives.

The Hoffman Richter™ Talon is not a cheap knife. It normally sells for $59.99 retail. Thanks to our partnership with the Family Protection Association, I was able to secure these for the best possible price available on the market. Today only, get this incredible limited edition Hoffman Richter™ Talon for just $29.99!

Hoffman Richter™ Talon

You Get ALL Of This For Only $29.99
Save 64% Off The Regular Price!

No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want to ensure that you will love this knife for a lifetime and will back it up with the famous Hoffman Richter™ Lifetime Warranty. This is one tough fixed blade knife!

I know you're going to love this knife. So I have no problem offering you a complete, unconditional money back guarantee. If you don't think this is the perfect, most well-made, super high quality, all-purpose tactical and survival knife available anywhere in the world at this price, send it back and I'll refund your money.


No questions asked.

But Limited Edition Also Translates To Limited Supply

I want to remind you that Hoffman Richter™ Talon made very few of these amazing knives.


A knife with these quality features has a limited, elite customer base so they only made a small number. Once these knives sell out, they're gone.


And from experience, I can tell you… these won't last long — especially at this incredibly low price. I don't want you to miss out.


I love this knife, and I know you'll love it, too.


Don't delay.


Order now.


I promise — you'll end up paying 2 or 3 times more for a knife that barely comes close to the Talon.

Hoffman Richter™ Talon All Weather Fitted Sheath

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IMPORTANT: Not all steel blades are created equal

If you've made it this far, there's no doubt you're a person who takes your knives seriously. Above all, you value dependability and durability.


That's why you choose a knife with a stainless steel blade that can take a beating and retains its edge.


But as I pointed out earlier, not all steel is the same. Steel is graded for quality. Most steel blades, even those on very expensive survival knives, are graded in the 300's.


The Hoffman Richter™ Talon stainless steel blade is made with 440 grade steel. Only the best knives in the world come with that level of high-grade steel blade.


The Talon blade is virtually unbreakable, made to last a lifetime. This is a knife you can count on.


Good travels,
P.S. I want to remind you that the Talon makes a great gift for anyone who loves the outdoors and appreciates top-notch gear.


I'm giving one to my brother who's a wilderness camper, another to my father-in-law, the fishing nut, and yet another to a good friend who collects knives. If you're considering a Talon as a gift, now is the time to do it while it's 64% off regular price.


P.P.S. I sure wish I had more of these knives, but it is, after all, a Limited Edition, which means very limited supply.


I want to warn you that this offer may not be here after you leave this page, so if you really want this Hoffman Richter™ Talon at this awesome price, you'd be wise to order it right now.

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