FPA Weekly Community News | 01.25.21

Water storage is a top priority for emergency preparedness. What is the best way to store water for emergencies. Do you know what containers are best for long term storage? City prepping came out with a video that covers the top 8 water storage options for emergencies. He tested several different methods and gave his take on what’s the best for any house; large or small. 

Understanding ways to get clean water in an emergency is just as important as understanding water storage. All great survivalists know several ways to get clean water and we want you all to be up to date. Our partners at Survival Life have an informative article on 25 Ways to Get Clean Drinking Water in an Emergency

All of this information is useless unless you know how to store water correctly. Knowing this will help you preserve water efficiently, while increasing your chance of survival for you and your family. The Provident Prepper made a video that will teach you how to store water correctly. This is vital information for you and your family if SHTF. Remember, water storage can only be successful if you know how to store water correctly.

Do you have any valuable tips for water storage that was not covered? Share below!

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