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Dear Friend,


You may have a vague idea of just how unprepared we are as a country…, but recent studies show that 87% of Americans are critically unprepared for any of these situations…


Did you know that there are three very common scenarios that could happen at any moment, without warning, and in the blink of an eye, that could cripple our country?


Keep reading below to find out if you would be ready for them…

There Are 3 Disasters That Could Strike At Any Moment, Without Warning… And INSTANTLY Cripple Every Single Preparation You Have Made…

It seems like more and more disasters have been popping up all over the world…


…And every time you see the latest disaster on the news, you think “That's just terrible… But it could never happen here.”


That's exactly what I thought right up until the moment my family was caught in Hurricane Rita…


They survived, but only because they were prepared.


The funny thing is, the news anchors tried to have some great “feel good” stories about survival, but did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to educate people about how they should be better prepared!


And The real truth is…

They Don't Want You To Be Prepared!

No, they want you to quietly go into some overcrowded FEMA camp and wait patiently in line for the rations they decide you deserve…


…It's much easier for them to control us if were herded into a confined area… just like cattle.


That's just not an option for me and my family – is it an option for yours?


That situation really set me to thinking about just how many ways things could go wrong and just how quickly I may have to “Get The Hell Out Of Dodge.”


The more I thought about it, the more I realized exactly how vulnerable we all are…


Look, I'm not trying to scare you but I need to share this with you, I wouldn't feel right if I didn't.


There are 3 very likely scenarios that will turn your wholesome, kind hearted neighbors into desperate lunatics in an instant, and there is nothing you can do about it!


Some of you reading this may have already lived through one of these scenarios…

Catastrophic Weather

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Earthquakes, Tsunamis- Let's not even bring up Katrina, 1 hurricane that left over 800,000 people scrambling for food and water for 3 days without any help from the government!

Imagine being trapped along with 800,000 other panicking people…

…now imagine if you could have just “bugged out” 2 days before disaster hit.
Which would you rather put your family through?
…a quick exodus before TSHTF …or the long wait for food, water, and electricity while everyone around you becomes increasingly desperate.
Not-So-Natural Disasters

Not quite as likely as catastrophic weather, but the fact is that a hostile attack planned and implemented by enemies of the US has happened already, and will happen again.

Of course, we don't need terrorists for things to go wrong.

…Remember Swine Flu? 3 Mile Island? Out of control forest fires? LA Riots?

Even if you trust the government to keep things running smoothly (which frankly, I don't…), you still have to believe some pretty big fantasies.

Fantasies like:

You'd have to believe that a new virus or bacteria is never going to "pop up"...

You'd believe that the Boston Bombing was the last terrorist attack the US will ever face

...and that if the government cuts food stamps, all those people are just going to quietly let their families starve

Now, I wish I could say that that was a reality as much as anybody else, but my families safety relies on my ability to be realistic and prepared.
Infrastructure Failure
This last one is far more likely than either of the other two. When I say infrastructure failure, suppose this: what would happen if the power grid goes down?

If the tap runs dry or unsanitary…


If ALL lines of communication were suddenly cut?


I'm not talking about a black or brown out either. I'm talking:

Lights out

No power for the pumps that deliver running water

No cell phones

No heat or AC for DAYS or even WEEKS

Don't think this is likely?


What If I told you that a single tree branch took out the power for over 100 power plants, leaving MILLIONS of people without power.


Believe it, it happened here in the U.S. and was the second largest blackout in recorded history…

How Is That Possible?

It's quite simple really… Our power grid has received a D+ rating. A recent report revealed that if just 9 substations were to stop working (either because of incompetence or a coordinated attack), the ENTIRE power grid will FAIL for 18 months…Minimum!


When I figured this out I was absolutely terrified!


I knew at that VERY moment that I NEEDED to put something together that was well conceived, well supplied and ultra affordable for the average person.


It needed to be lightweight, stocked to the gills with EVERYTHING that matters and 100% devoid of frivolous crap.


I spent months researching and working with major manufacturers to put together a kit that fit all of my needs…


I've shared all of this with my family and friends…


And now I'd like to share it with you…

Today: $89.99 $19.99 Plus FREE shipping!
Here's What Other People Have To Say…
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B. Gallagher

After I received the one I ordered for myself and found all the necessities were included I ordered 2 more for my grandsons. There is also plenty of room for some extras. This one-person Backpack is just what I was looking for and I was surprised that it fit so much for such a reasonable price. I am very happy with it and have shown it to all my friends.
“A Little Of Everything With Extra Room”


This arrived quickly and as advertised. This is the first time I have purchased anything for disaster preparedness and it was a great choice as it has a little of everything with extra room to add a few things.
“Would Definitely Buy Again”

R. Buck

I felt so much better once I got this bag. I live in an earthquake zone and hope I never have to use it. It has a lot of room to place other items in it. All the features stated in the description was in tack and all accounted for. I also bought a hand crank lantern, a knife and a few other essentials to store in the bag. I would definitely buy again
But That's Not All You're Going To Get…

Having the right bag for your gear is just one part of your emergency survival plan…


In fact, it’s useless if you don’t know how to use whats inside it to survive a crisis!


This is where other survival bags go wrong…


That's why, the Bortac Blitz Backpack comes with all of the training you need so that you can just grab it and be completely prepared when the time comes.


Now, when disaster strikes, staying put might not be an option…in fact, it could the beginning of your worst nightmare.


In that case AS LITTLE AS A 10 MINUTE heads up could be the difference between clear sailing and FATAL gridlock.


Read below to discover the secret to identifying the 3 mental triggers that destroy most people’s evacuation planning and how to conquer each one without fear or hesitation.


These triggers are so simple that they are often overlooked or worse completely ignored…


They are:

The Noah Trigger:

You refuse to prep because you are afraid that your friends, family and neighbors will think that you are crazy…


Remember that everyone thought Noah was off his rocker when he built the ark, and look how that story turned out.


But the real problem is most people miss or completely ignore the warning signals that EVERY crisis gives off, and even fewer understand how to use the “choke points” after a crisis to their advantage (these are the times where confusion and fear leave “normal” people frozen with panic, leaving them stranded).


Did you know, after the announcement of a disaster on any major news network, you only have a small window to escape while everyone else is staring, in slack jawed disbelief at their television…


The Pioneer Trigger:

You refuse to prep because you think that if you should need to evacuate you have too much stuff that has to go with you and there is no way that you could do it.


The pioneers struck out across the country with as much as they could carry. Times were very rough but they had the skills to get anything else that they needed.


Preparing is not all about how much gear you have but about how well you can use it…

The IPhone Trigger:

You refuse to prep because if TSHTF you can simply dial out and call for help or you can use your GPS to find your way around on the back roads to avoid the masses.


Let’s face it, when disaster strikes, modern technology and communication will be made obsolete.


In all of the confusion it will be the people that have skills and knowledge that will be able to not only survive but to thrive… Not the people with the newest iPhone.

If You Miss This Opportunity To Get Prepared, You Could Be In For A World Of Hurt…

I don’t want that for you… and I know YOU don’t want that for your family.


I know you’d rather be out on the open road, away from the crowds of people, and out of the “prison” that just hours before was their home…

That’s Why When You Claim Your Bortac Blitz Backpack NOW I’ll Also Include 6 Of My Personal Survival Reports:
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Consider this your survival “Cheat Sheet”


Think about it…


What will you do when the next disaster strikes and threatens everything you’ve worked so hard to build?


Do you know what you’ll do or where you’ll go when the grid goes down?


Do you know when to hold your ground and when you need to drop everything and run?


Probably not… but it’s not your fault. We’ve been lied to and taught that “help is always coming…”


But you and I know the real truth… the only help is the kind we can offer ourselves… We’ve seen what happens to those who are caught unprepared and seen what their families have had to suffer through.


If you’re like me… you refuse to allow that.


It’s fundamental that we take responsibility for our OWN safety because when push comes to shove, there are not many folks we can truly rely on.


In any catastrophe, time is of the essence, so… You MUST take action TODAY because when you find yourself in an emergency and in serious need of the right tools for the job… and you’re not ready… It’s ALREADY TOO late…


Are you ready to act at the drop of a hat when natural disasters or even worse, violent looters threaten your household?


Most people aren’t.


But in order to survive, you can’t be most people.


It is crucial to be mentally and physically prepared to take control of your safety.


With help from our resident survival expert, Dave Scott, we want to show you how to be prepared with my top 6 reports and cheat sheets to prepare you for any situation, “Gone Before Panic.”


Gone Before Panic is jam-packed with downloadable cheat sheets that will keep you and your family in the clear before, during, and after any crisis.


Dave’s expertise ranges from being a former prison guard, U.S. Army Military Officer, Wilderness EMT, and an Escape and Evasion Master with over a decade's worth of experience teaching lifesaving survival skills to hundreds of people.


Dave is a personal friend of mine – he’s taught me quite a lot over the years and if there’s anybody who knows survival and preparedness, it’s Dave.


This isn’t just “another survival guide” from some armchair prepper…


Dave is the real deal, and he doesn’t cut corners…


Here's Just a TASTE of what you'll get inside “Gone Before Panic”:

How to Build the Ultimate Bug Out Bag so you and your family know you have what you need within arms reach

9 Unusual Booby Traps to Protect Your Home to ensure you have taken every step possible to protect your biggest asset in the time of a mass casualty, looting, violence, extreme desperation, and the “zombie horde” that follows EVERY crisis…

Step by step instructions on how to tie the 7 Knots Every Survivalist Should Know…

What Every Survivalist Should Include in Their Backyard to be self-sufficient when there are no first responders and no hope of help coming…

And for fun, I am throwing in one of my all time favorites…36 Awesome Paracord Projects for Preppers

Oh, and for good measure, you are going to get my cheat sheet on Edible Insects You Can Eat in the Wild … because really, who knows where we will be when SHTF

And much, much more…

This in-depth 6 report pack the key points and information that normally takes an entire weekend to go through at a live event, and breaks it down into short, simple, easy to consume downloadable guides!


Think about that, in the time it takes you to enjoy your morning cup of coffee you can uncover the 6 key pinch points that EVERY crisis has in common, and layout a foolproof easy to execute plan that shows EXACTLY how to avoid every one of them…. Claim yours now just 19.99 plus free shipping!

Here's what this is NOT:

No fluff and NO B.S.


It’s straight to the point, no frills, no flashy stuff.


Just a simple easy to follow plan in PLAIN English.


These downloads are quick, simple, and easy to digest.


When it’s THIS EASY to be prepared being caught off guard is simply IRRESPONSIBLE, Reckless…


And Could Cost You And Your Family…DEARLY


That’s not what I want for you… and that’s not what you want for your family…


Look, gear is important to have, it makes your life a heck of a lot easier and it’s a big part of how we’ve survived this long.


But all the gear in the world is nothing compared to the knowledge and skills you have in your head. Get your Bortac Blitz Backpack just 19.99 plus free shipping!

There Is One HUGE Problem Though…

We didn't see the huge demand for this backpack and the whole thing sort of took us all by surprise…


We've only assembled a limited amount of these bortac blitz backpacks and as of today, they are more than half gone.


I mean it's a good problem to have… It means more people are seeing the light and beginning to understand the value of being prepared… but it puts a real strain on how many of these I can get together at any given time…


It takes weeks to get these prepped and ready to ship, and with the growing demand, I don't know how long I'll be able to offer them at this price… (manufacturers are catching on to what I'm doing and trying to raise the price… You know the whole supply and demand thing…)


I'm going to keep fighting to put these packages together and have them ready for you… But ultimately it's up to you to take action.


Don't miss out on your chance to take care of this crucial piece of your survival planning…

>> WARNING: Supplies Are Extremely Limited <<

Your final rock bottom price for your Bortac Blitz Backpack is just $19.99!


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If not now… then when? Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Make the right decision TODAY


Remember, Times Change, But the Threat Remains the SAME!
What are you waiting for?


You have Zero Risk…

I am so sure that you will love the Bortac Blitz Backpack & Gone Before Panic pack, that I am personally backing it up with a 100% money-back guarantee.


In other words, if for any reason (or no reason at all) you don't think this self-contained survival bag is worth every penny, just let me know and I'll give you a prompt and courteous full refund.


No loopholes to jump through and No Questions Asked.

The bottom line is, with the way society is headed, having a well-stocked Bug Out Bag and a well-thought-out plan is one of the smartest ways to make sure that you are never caught unprepared, no matter where you live or what you do for a living.


I have had the privilege of helping thousands become more prepared throughout the last few years and I would be ecstatic to be able to help you too…


This is your last chance… Get yours now for just 19.99!

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