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Your Stone Mountain Silicone Solar Bottle stores and boils water over an open flame, is compact and fully collapsible, and features a super bright solar powered LED lantern that NEVER needs charging! Includes three light levels including strobe and SOS emergency flashlight.

Light your campsite, boil water and keep your valuables dry in one collapsible, durable, easy-to-use utility canteen.

  • Solar-Powered, so you never need to worry about charging
  • Collapsible, and fits anywhere
  • Waterproof to store your valuables and keep them dry in streams or rainstorms
  • Fireproof, which lets you boil your water without a pot
  • A Canteen, with its own measuring cup printed on the side

    To buy everything the Stone Mountain Silicon Bottle does separately, you would need:

    Now you are looking at spending $60 dollars or more!

    (And that’s not counting batteries for the lantern or a measuring cup for the canteen)

    Not to mention it’s going to be bulky to carry and weigh you down…