Preparedness is all about being prepared.  Most in this industry take it a bit too far at times.  Being prepared is more about simplicity than anything else.  I have trained and taught people how to be better prepared from various walks of life.  I have found that there are 5 items that are most often overlooked.  This is for disaster preparedness, nationwide disaster, or even wilderness survival.  If you are missing these five things, fix yourself.


I know my readers, students and other followers think of me as a broken record on this subject, but I sincerely think this is the biggest item that we take for granted.  Water is precious and have such easy and clean access to it, that is often overlooked.  Personal hygiene, hydrations, cooking, clean living areas are all things that we will need water for.  You should store water as well as have ways to purify it on the move and in a more permanent shelter.  


In a very close second place would be electricity for things we take for granted.  Personally, I think you should carry a flashlight on you always.  After I got in the habit of doing so, I find myself using my flashlight almost every day.  If there happened to be a grid-down scenario just being able to prepare food after dark is going to be difficult without the use of light.  This could lead to situations where you are in danger or injured without it.


I always tell my students to turn their water and electric off for a week and to start taking notes on what is difficult to deal with.  While most of us know about water and electric, many of us easily forget our bathroom.  A family of four with no toilets will produce so much waste that it will make it impossible to be inside of a home with it.  You will need the skills to build a latrine and the physical capability to use it.  Squatting to use the bathroom is not possible for many of us due to tight backs and hamstrings and calves.  It may seem unimportant but getting these parts of your body stretched out now will be valuable.  

Power Back-up

Solar and generators are great tools to have on-hand during a grid-down situation.  I feel that they are a short-term solution but they will certainly help you bridge the gap between normal society and the world you then find yourself in.  Please note that gas powered generators can also bring unwanted attention from those in the area.  Be prepared for that eventuality.  

Hygiene/First Aid

Hygiene is closely related to water and the latrine, but I also included here because you can help your situation by storing bleach products and hand sanitizers.  These are also short-term solutions for long-term grid-down events but they will help you keep things clean until a better plan can be installed.  First aid should include duplicates of any medicine you may take daily.   Without medicines, such as these many people will suffer from anxiety, heart issues and much more.  You should also include all the basics of first aid to include: gauze (both rolled and square), iodine, trauma medicine supplies (see our video on this subject), OTC medications, steri strips bandages, splinting material.  A good pressure bandage such as an Israeli bandage will also allow you to keep clean, pressure on the wound and continue to get work done at the same time.  

My hope is that you have all this already, but my experience tells me you may have missed one or more.  If that is the case, do not delay.  Take time and few dollars it will take to start getting supplies ready now.


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