It’s been one week since Donald Trump’s election win, and many people across the country are reeling from the President-elect’s upset. Regardless of where you stand regarding political affiliations, a Trump presidency will be starkly different than Obama’s terms in office. With different approaches to the economy, national security, education and more, Trump is likely to introduce changes that will directly impact you and your family.


Trump has said that the current education system is riddled with problems. For those with children who are in elementary, middle or high school, a Trump presidency may mean access to a larger range of educational options, including charter schools or private school voucher programs.

For those entering college or who already have student loans, Trump has outlined one of the most radical and progressive approaches to the student loan system. Under Trump’s plan, student loan payments would be capped at 12.5 percent of a borrower’s income; right now, the cap is at 15 percent, so borrowers would have a smaller payment under Trump’s plan.

Additionally, the president-elect has suggested that, after making 15 years of payments, the borrower's’ debts would be forgiven. With the current system, borrowers have to make 20 to 25 years of payments, so this new approach would save borrowers thousands over the length of their loans.  


Since the Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2010, over eight million people signed up for private health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Yet what many people term “Obamacare” has been nagged by complaints about rising healthcare costs, loss of specific providers and some insurance companies leaving the Marketplace altogether.

Trump sees the Affordable Care act as deeply flawed. He has vowed to ask Congress to repeal Obamacare on day one of his presidency. That means if you have insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace, your coverage could be affected.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have insurance or will lose access. The Affordable Care Act was designed to address major issues with the insurance industry, such as the practice of denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. Trump has said that he would keep this benefit in his new healthcare plan.


Trump built his campaign on promises to bolster the economy with new jobs. Particularly for those in manufacturing, mining, or energy fields, a Trump presidency means better job security and future growth potential.

While Trump will face difficulties, both from politicians and leaders worldwide, he has vocally voiced his opposal of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The 12-nation agreement lowered tariffs on foreign cars, while leaving in place policies that prevented American cars from being sold in partner countries. And according to Trump, the partnership made it easier for countries to export their goods to the U.S. while preventing our own goods from being sold abroad.

Trump aims to supplant the Trans-Pacific Partnership with a new trade deal that would spur manufacturing and other facets of the economy.

National Security

One of the key features of Trump’s campaign was his promises to veterans. With veteran benefits’ horribly damaged, many service men and women go without the care and benefits they earned due to systemic issues. Trump says he will fix those problems, so those who are in the military or who served in the past should be able to more easily access the benefits they deserve, such as for education or healthcare.

Trump also plans to strengthen the military, investing in all branches as well as cyber security to fend off modern threats. While the Obama administration often cut military spending, Trump promises to provide more funding for national security.

As for immigration and the much-discussed wall, in recent days Trump has clarified his position. Previously, he said he would deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country. Now, he says his efforts would focus on the two to three million immigrants classified as having criminal records.

Looking Ahead

As President Obama’s term comes to an end and Trump looks to fill the spot, Trump’s positions and policies will become more concrete. While Trump’s approach to key issues is drastically different than President Obama’s, they would likely take some time to implement, as they would have to overcome challenges from both Democrats and some Republicans. Few of his policies are likely to go into effect quickly and the transition will take some time.


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